Benedict Cumberbatch: Scarlett Johansson's Disney lawsuit is 'bit of a mess'
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Johansson's lawsuit claims that Disney violated her contract when it released "Black Widow" on Disney+ and in theaters.
Johansson started legal proceedings against Disney earlier this year over the release of "Black Widow."

"It's sad what's going on between the lawyers," Cumberbatch said

Cumberbatch and Johnasson both star in Marvel's "Avengers" movies, which are owned by Disney.

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Benedict Cumberbatch has become the latest MCU star to enter the debate surrounding Scarlett Johansson's Disney lawsuit.

"It's sad what's going on between the lawyers," Cumberbatch said during a recent profile with The Hollywood Reporter. "Just the verbiage and the accusations of, 'Put it in a global pandemic context.' The whole thing's just a bit of a mess."

Cumberbatch, who starred alongside Johansson in multiple iterations of the "Avengers" series, continued: "We're trying to understand what the revenue streams should be for artists that contribute to the billion-dollar business that is Disney. And it has to be contractualized. How does an artist's normal compensation with box office…
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