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From Rick and Morty to The Dragon Prince to The Simpsons, there was a lot of great animated TV this year. These are our nominees for the best animated TV series of 2019.
IGN's Best Animated TV Series category shines a light on the celebrity cartoon horses, the dragon princes, and of course all the Rick and Mortys on the small screen. Some of the animated shows we've nominated as the best of 2019 are for kids and adults, some are just for adults, but all of them are pretty great.

Nominees: Best Animated TV Series of 2019 11 IMAGES

These are our nominees for the Best Animated TV Series of 2019.Click through the gallery above or scroll down the page for the full list!

Rick and Morty

Bojack Horseman

Big Mouth

Bob's Burgers

South Park

Love, Death, and Robots


The Dragon Prince


The Simpsons

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Rick and Morty finally returned after a two-year hiatus, but this wacky animated sitcom doesn't miss a beat in Season 4. It's still the show to beat when it comes to combining high concept sci-fi with absurd humor and deep, dark pathos. 2019 marked the beginning of the end for BoJack Horseman, with Netflix airing the first half of this bleak animated sitcom's final season. We hate to see it go, but at least BoJack is riding off into the sunset in absolute top form. Big Mouth's third season,…
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