Best CPU & GPU Black Friday Sales: R7 2700X, R7 3800X, RTX 2080 Ti
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PC hardware sales for Black Friday are typically good. The consumer space always gets good prices cuts, but some industries just don't offer much in the way of sales or margin during peak buying season. Computer hardware, though, is fortunate enough to be a fiercely competitive space, and so we've found plenty of worthwhile discounts for consideration.
AMD's Ryzen lineup -- including the brand new Ryzen 3000 series -- has big sales across the board. The R5 3600X, a CPU we previously recommended against as it was economically wasteful as compared to the R5 3600, is marked down to the same price as the R5 3600. That makes it actually worthwhile. The Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ is also marked down, surprisingly, and previous-gen AMD Ryzen CPUs are down to new prices or discounted prices.

An Important Reminder on Rampant Consumerism

At GamersNexus, we try to be very conscious about needless consumption of consumer electronics. That goes for purchasing things from our own store, too -- buy it because you want it or need it.

Our office takes great measures to individually separate-out and recycle various metals, electronic components, and packing materials. We try not to feed into over-hype of products and instead focus on providing facts, appealing to product needs rather than the dopamine hit people get from buying something new. A big revenue driver for holiday season, as always, is going to be from people researching new component purchases for PC builds around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We ask that you keep a logical approach to purchases and try to only buy what's really needed. We'll provide links to all the best sales, but it's up to you to filter what's not necessary for you right now. This earth does not need more e-waste with rare earth metals ending up in the landfills. No need to be economically and environmentally wasteful.

Separately: Pricing will obviously change and these are impermanent prices.

GamersNexus Modmat, Toolkit, & Merch Sales

This one is from us: The GN store is the best way to support us while getting something back. We're marking everything in our store down by 15% through Cyber Monday (12/4). Our GamersNexus Large Modmats that you've likely seen all over YouTube are included in this (and they're in stock and shipping), as are our GPU Tear-Down toolkits and freshly restocked…
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