Best Delta 8 Tinctures: Top 10 Brands & Buyer's Guide
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Best Delta 8 Tinctures: Top 10 Brands & Buyer's Guide
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Delta 8 is the latest popular cannabis compound on the market. You may have heard of it, but what exactly does Delta 8 do? Delta 8 is the colloquial name for Delta 8 THC. Yes, THC. As in, the psychoactive chemical in cannabis. Most THC you are familiar with is Delta 9 THC. It is molecularly very similar to Delta 8 and both compounds are extracted from plants in the cannabis family.

Perhaps the most important difference between these two compounds comes from a legal standpoint. Delta 9 THC is extracted from cannabis plants, which are still federally illegal in the US. Delta 8 THC, on the other hand, can be extracted from hemp plants which have been legal in the US since 2018, when President Trump signed the Farm Bill.

In some states, the jury is still out on the legal status of Delta 8 because of just how similar it is to Delta 9 THC. Both are types of THC, and therefore have similar effects such as being energizing, mood-boosting, relaxing, effective at pain reduction, and anti-nausea. Because of the molecular difference, however, the balance of how these effects are felt by humans is different.

Delta 8 is also quite a bit less potent than Delta 9 THC. Therefore, you would need to take a much higher dose to experience effects comparable to a cannabis high. For many consumers of Delta 8, this is a benefit and not a detriment. They enjoy the lightheaded feelings of cannabis without feeling "stoned."

Even seasoned cannabis users report benefits from Delta 8, finding the effects better for daytime or focused work. Many simply enjoy the different balance of effects that make Delta 8 quite a different experience from using cannabis. Many consumers also use Delta 8 to supplement their health routine. Because of its new availability on the market, there is a lack of large-scale studies on the effects and benefits of the compound.

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