Best holiday gifts and gadgets for $30 or less
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Get some great tech without breaking the bank.
Call these stocking stuffers or just affordable gifts, but we've pulled together some of our favorite items, gadgets and otherwise, available for $30 or less. We've personally tested or used all of these and they're all something we'd like to give -- or receive -- during the holidays, or any other time of year.

Note that pricing and availability of this tech under $30 gift guide were accurate at time of publication, but both are subject to change without notice.

Sarah Tew/CNET Buying for someone who prefers full-size headphones? Priced at around $40, the Tribit XFree Tune have long been our go-to affordable full-size wireless headphones. But there's now an even cheaper model, the XFree Go, that we've seen for as little as $21. At the lower price, you get plusher, more comfortable ear pads, Bluetooth 5.0 and 24 hours of battery life, and a 10-minute charge gives you four hours of playback time. The sound is a little more bass-forward than that of the Tune, but at this price, it's really hard to complain about what you're getting.

Lenovo The Lenovo Smart Clock has long been among one of our favorite "cheap but good" smart home devices when it's on sale (this season, the price seems to be hovering around $40). But if you want to save even more, the new Smart Clock Essential opts for something of a dumbed-down monochrome screen, but this device still delivers the time, temperature and weather, along with full access to Google's voice assistant. The USB-A port in the rear makes it easy to charge devices on your bedside table, too. Read our Lenovo Smart Clock Essential review.

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