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The phrase dates to Roman times, "Nemo resideo" or "no one left behind," part of who we are, "We, Americans," since our founding. Embedded, i
Why is the decision by President Biden, his Vice President, Secretaries of Defense and State, national security advisor, silent field commanders, pliant members of Congress – to abandon Americans in Afghanistan so abhorrent? It goes to the heart of who we are. That makes it unforgivable.

t applies to living and dead, goes well beyond the military.

When veterans come home wounded, they are tended with loyalty, care, and empathy because we "leave no one behind." When emergency responders risk all to rescue others from burning buildings, engulfed cars, forest fires, high seas, hurricanes, and disease – it is for that: "We leave no one behind."

When Rogers Rangers, in the French and Indian War – later as Continentals in the Revolutionary War – concluded a battle, they "left no man behind." Thousands of heroic rescues are animated by this sacred principle.

Americans virtually breathe it with a collective voice: One life matters.

Why has every president, until now, put aside everything to defend, protect, preserve, and rescue Americans' lives – even one? Why did FDR, in January 1945, commission the Raid at Cabanatuan, rescuing those held by Japan after the Bataan Death March?

Why did we pull all stops for sailors on the USS Squalus in 1939? Why risk all for airman Gene Hambleton, Bat 21 Bravo, shot down over Vietnam?

Why did Americans risk death to save Captain Philips on the Maersk Alabama, or Iraqi POW Jessica Lynch? Why did President Ford – despite losses – rescue the SS Mayaguez crew? President Carter attempt Operation Eagle Claw to rescue Americans? Why deploy Green Beret, Rangers, Seal Teams, and Delta Force into peril on every continent in every year of their existence to save Americans? See, List of operations conducted by Delta Force; List of operations conducted by SEAL Team Six; The Army Rangers: Missions and History; United States Army Special Forces;

Why do we search – to this day – for 30,000 fallen in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam? Or writ larger, why…
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