Biden Administration Releases Plan to Shift Half of U.S. Energy to Solar by 2050
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fairly difficult
The blueprint would require a complete overhaul of the energy sector, costing trillions of dollars.
A parking structure at the University of California San Diego uses innovative solar trees to collect renewable energy from the Sun, February 8, 2011. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

The Biden administration on Wednesday released an outline mapping out how the U.S. could produce half of its electricity using solar power by 2050 — a sizeable undertaking given that it accounted for just 4 percent of the country's electricity last year.

The blueprint showed the U.S. would have to double the amount of solar energy installed each year over the next four years and then double it again by 2030.



While the report says the increase is in line with what has been recommended by climate scientists to prevent the worst effects of global warming, it would upend current technology and the energy industry.

Meeting that goal would require trillions of dollars in investments by homeowners, businesses and the government. As the New York Times notes, the electric grid, which was designed for coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants, would need to be almost entirely redone with the addition of batteries, transmission lines and other…
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