Biden becomes first president to proclaim Indigenous Peoples' Day
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President Joe Biden is the first president to issue a proclamation for Indigenous Peoples' Day.
Oct. 9 (UPI) --

Biden issued the proclamation on Friday, recognizing Monday as Indigenous People's Day, and marking the first time a U.S. president has done so.


"Our country was conceived on a promise of equality and opportunity for all people -- a promise that, despite the extraordinary progress we have made through the years, we have never fully lived up to," Biden wrote in the proclamation. "That is especially true when it comes to upholding the rights and dignity of the Indigenous people who were here long before colonization of the Americas began."

Biden added that respect for tribal sovereignty and self-governance has been a priority of his administration, noting that he issued a memorandum reaffirming treaty obligations to American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Nations in the first week of his…
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