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Bitcoin Price Prediction – Will BTC Price Hit $100K in 2021?

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Bitcoin(BTC) price prediction 2021. BTC price is predicted to reach $100K by 2021. Also, read BTC price prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025.
Bullish Bitcoin price prediction ranges from $62,357 to $82,264.

Bitcoin price might also reach $100,000.

Bitcoin bearish market price prediction for 2021 is $28,743.

This 2021 Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction is based on the analysis of technical indicators. Below, we have outlined the key factors that contributed to our BTC price prediction.

Over the past few weeks, the crypto market seems to be making a fast recovery. After the dip a few months ago, the digital asset industry was growing steadily. At the moment, it seems that the crypto industry may finally be on the up and up again.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the king of cryptocurrencies which has a lot of potential in the crypto industry. Interestingly, BTC broke its all-time-high record of December 2017, when it surpassed $19,798 in November 2020.

BTC has also succeeded in nailing a growth rate of over +375% in the past 12 months. As a result, BTC is now one of the most talked about virtual assets in the crypto world. With all these achievements, we can say that BTC is a cryptocurrency with a lot of potential.

In this Bitcoin price prediction, we take a look at the performance of BTC if it will reach $100,000. But before that, let us learn more about Bitcoin, what is Bitcoin (BTC) and its current position in the crypto market.


Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Ticker Symbol BTC BTC Price $50,335.18 All-Time High $64,863.10 All-Time Low $65.53 Market Cap $945,939,772,088.49 Trading Volume $31,413,807,539.23 Circulating Supply 18,794,768 BTC Total Supply 18,794,768 BTC Max Supply 21,000,000 BTC

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

The first cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) was designed in 2009 in order to become a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Moreover, BTC is a virtual asset which is controlled by a decentralized network of users.

Some advantages to be noted is that BTC has made it possible to send and get money anywhere at any time. Even more, users are the only owners of their money, there is no higher authority needed.…
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