Brad Raffensperger, Georgia's Top Elections Official, Is Under Fire
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After becoming the target of his own party, Brad Raffensperger authorized a hand recount of the state's presidential votes.
Leo Smith, a consultant with Mr. Raffensperger's office and a former director with the state's Republican Party, called the criticism of the Georgia vote "an insult to those hard-working, committed Republicans who oversaw the election." In an interview, Mr. Smith described Mr. Raffensperger's critics as "people who were caught in this poor leadership from a petulant president who has lost, and is using his loss to bully other Republicans into complying with conspiracy theories about voting."

Mr. Raffensperger, 65, began his political career on the City Council in the affluent northern Atlanta suburb of Johns Creek. In…
Richard Fausset, Stephanie Saul
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