BREAKING: Loudoun County Students Walk Out of Class in Protest
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Loudoun County students walked out of class today to protest the school's protection of a transgender serial sexual assailant.
The Loudoun County school system protected a transgender kid who brutally raped and sodomized a teen girl. Rather than being removed from the county's schools, he was sent to another school, Broad Run High, where he assaulted another girl.

Today, the students of Broad Run walked out of class in protest.

HAPPENING: Students at Loudoun County's Broad Run High School stage a walk-out, chanting "Loudoun County protects rapists." — Election Wizard (@ElectionWiz) October 26, 2021

NBC's Drew Wilder reported that students were outside, chanting, "Loudoun County protects rapists" and "Why was a rapist allowed in our school?"

Now a group of students are chanting "Loudoun County protects rapists." — Drew Wilder (@DrewWilderTV) October 26, 2021

Fast Facts:

Obama is responsible for the initial directive stating schools had to let boys who identify as girls use the girl's lavatories and locker rooms.

It's not the first time the county hid a sexual assault.

Loudoun County School Superintendent Scott Ziegler declared in June that he had no idea a girl was raped, but an email he sent in May proves otherwise.

The first victim's father showed up at a school board meeting to protest the…
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