Brussels will ban diesel cars by 2030, petrol cars by 2035
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The new rule is the latest effort to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the Belgian capital
The regional Brussels government announced on June 25 a new ban on fossil fuel-powered cars in region that will come into effect over the next 14 years. New sales of diesel cars will be prohibited 2030, and new gasoline car sales will be illegal in 2035. The move is in accordance with existing efforts in Brussels to reduce pollution, and the EU goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions 2050.

In order to meet these timelines, government leaders have rolled out a broader plan called the "Low Emission Mobility Brussels" roadmap that encourages use of public transportation and will build infrastructure for electric vehicles. Under the plan there will be 22,000 charging stations in the region by 2035. The hopes to reduce total transport emissions by around 70% by 2030.

Earlier in the year, nine countries including Belgium, wrote a letter to the European Commission, which is coincidentally located in Brussels, urging the multi-national body to set a date for a ban on fossil-fuel burning cars across the European Union, and to create a framework to…
Camille Squires
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