Building Trust: How the Church Can Encourage COVID Vaccines
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When combined, science and religion can be a powerful force for good. Let's use it to vanquish COVID.
One of the greatest things about the Church -- and religion in general -- is its ability to inspire positive social change. When a devoted group of people is convicted by their beliefs and morals to achieve a goal, they often work tirelessly until it's accomplished.

It is for this reason that American churches (and again, all religious faiths) should make it a top priority to convince their congregations to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Writing for the Journal of Public Health, professor Jose Ma Gopez makes precisely this case for the Philippines.

Mr. Gopez noted that Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI both received their COVID jabs publicly, and this act inspired bishops within his country. He writes:

"Filipino bishops are willing to be vaccinated in public and even before the television if the act will help establish confidence in…
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