Calendar Feedback: Television in the time of quarantine
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Calendar Feedback Sun., May 24: Television in the time of quarantine; Fred Willard; 'Hollywood'
Regarding "TV's Great Adjustment" [May 17]: These articles were so stimulating that I immediately wanted to turn to the TV Grid to see what's on today. In a time when, as you write, many are turning to their television sets— perhaps The Times could see its way clear to restore it.

As a consolation, and in light of the only returning live sports in Southern California – Horse Racing at Santa Anita – I turned to the Sports section for the race entries and results. That was not successful either.

I am quite critical of The Times' failure to accept the 2016 election results but I compliment you on continuing to publish a newspaper in these plague crisis times where there is, no doubt, a shortage of resources and an absence of theater, movies, book debuts and signings, sporting events, etc.

It can't be easy and for that I thank you for continuing to publish. I only wish it were a little more balanced.


David G. Miller

Rancho Palos Verdes

Unrealistic portrayal of Hollywood in "Hollywood"

Regarding "'Hollywood' Rewrites 1948 Oscars" [May 12]: This series is the "world according to Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan."

In their Hollywood, they all live happily ever with a fairytale ending. Everybody wins, and nobody goes home a loser – except the audience that has to endure this make-believe homophobic hodgepodge.


Bert Berdis

Los Angeles


I'm sure many of Henry Willson's clients wished he had been a fictional character but I bet he's turning in his grave at having been called one.


Barb Kaplan

Palm Springs

Fred Willard was a very funny man

Thank you for Robert Lloyd's warm appreciation of Fred Willard ["Willard was the Beloved Weirdo," May 18].

I read, smiling throughout, with Lloyd and with Fred.


Ed Stockly
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