Can't Wait the Next PS5 Restock? This AMD PC Kit Includes a Console Processor
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This AMD PC Kit includes a processor similar to the PS5.
PS5 restock has been rare for months now, but stocks have been improving lately. Meanwhile, here is an AMD PC Kit sporting a similar processor that powers the sought-after Sony console.

Even if the said PC Kit shares the processor that powers the PS5, it is important to note that the performance will be far from the gaming console.

AMD PC Kit with PS5 Processor

KitGuru reported that the Accelerated Processing Unit of the AMD 4700S PC Kit was initially thought to be based on an Xbox Series X processor. Upon further examination by HardwareLuxx's editor, Andres Schilling, he noticed that it is more similar to the PlayStation 5 APU than Microsoft's console.

Schilling tweeted the photo of the PS5 processor and the AMD PC Kit counterpart to back up his observation. He grabbed the image of the 4700S SoC from a South Korean tech outlet that recently tested its performance.

As the two processors have been placed side-by-side, they virtually looked the same.

Based on the image, the memory is located on…
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