'Canadian Peanut Butter' Packaging

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A photograph of peanut butter sold in trays was labeled in a viral post as "Canadian peanut butter," an inference likely drawn due to Canadian milk bags.
Claim Image shows Canadian peanut butter sold in a styrofoam tray.

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AdvertisementsOn July 12 2020, a Facebook account shared a cropped Twitter screenshot, purportedly showing what Canadian peanut butter packaging looks like:

An image of a styrofoam tray (akin to meat packaging) containing peanut butter was appended, and the text read:

i just learned that canadians actually buy their peanut butter like this and i'm so angry

A quick search revealed the original tweet from the screenshot was published on July 10 2021, and subsequently deleted. That tweet appeared to infer that the peanut butter's packaging was Canadian due to the fact Canadians (but not Americans) often buy bagged milk (a practice not exclusive to Canada):

In the early half of the 20th century when refrigeration became mainstream, towns in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere were supplied by milkmen who delivered glass bottles of fresh milk to customers' doorsteps. The bottles were functional and reusable, but also heavy, breakable, and costly to clean. Rudimentary versions of lightweight milk cartons began to emerge around 1915 and became more commonplace with the emergence of Swedish company Tetra Pak in the mid-1960s. Lightweight plastic milk jugs also entered the market in the mid-'60s, promising to increase milk's shelf life. However, the plastic…
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