Capital Vacations announces new tips on bucket list travel
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Travelers are planning vacation options based on experiences
Next time you're thinking about booking a beach vacation, look for a place off the beaten path. You might actually find your new favorite spot!

Typically, when you hear people mention their "bucket list" of vacation experiences, it's a list of specific places they want to visit in their lifetime. The Grand Canyon, New York City in Christmastime, Yellowstone National Park. But instead of specific places, your bucket list could be made up of the different types of vacations you want to experience. Then you could visit multiple places that fit these buckets. Here are a few ideas to get you started! Make sure to tell us which one is your favorite!

The Village Vacation

Whether it's a few generations of family members coming together, or a few family friends, there's something to be said about a shared vacation with your "village." More people equal more memories! It may be a little extra work in the planning stages to get everyone's schedules in line, but a multiple family vacation is definitely something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. When's the last time your village has traveled somewhere together?

The Spa Vacation

It might be a trip with girlfriends, or a romantic weekend for two, or maybe even a solo staycation somewhere in town - but a bucket list must-have is the spa vacation. Practically every city and town has a spa retreat nearby where you can relax, unwind and pamper yourself.…
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