Captain America, the Broadway musical: inside the real-life '80s stage show homaged in Disney Plus' Hawkeye
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A deep dive into the '80s Broadway musical for Captain America that almost happened
After watching Disney Plus' Hawkeye trailer , fans are coming away wanting to see two things: the Hawkeye TV show, and Rogers: The Musical. That fun little bit further deifies the seemingly-departed original Captain America, but also touches on an actual piece of comics history - or almost history. Because in the mid-'80s Marvel Entertainment tried to launch a Captain America Broadway show, and even went as far as a casting call.

That's right: Marvel's Sentinel of Liberty was almost singing his own showtunes on Broadway.

If you recall Captain America: The First Avenger, you'll remember Chris Evans-as-Steve-Rogers doing a little song and dance himself, but this is far, far more.

Captain America: The Broadway show

1985 Captain America casting ad (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Described as "a musical spectacular" in Marvel casting ads at the time, Captain America even got a write-up in the New York Times - which gives us a hint at the story, which is… intriguing.

"The superhero will not, in fact, be particularly super when the curtain goes up. The book by Mel Mandel and Norman Sachs (who are also responsible for music and lyrics) has Captain A. going through a midlife crisis," writes New York Times' Enid Nemy in the April 5, 1985 edition. "Fortunately, the action speeds up - his girlfriend [Sharon Phillips], a candidate for President, is captured by terrorists and held hostage at the Lincoln Memorial."

The villain of the Captain America musical was a cosmetics…
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