Carolyn Hax: Do I tell my friend that I suspect her husband is cheating again?
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Learn from experience and don't get involved unless you're asked and/or know for sure.
From what I've witnessed and heard at work, the husband is cheating again. I want to tell the wife, but it's not my place. I'm p----- as hell at the husband, especially since I championed his cause previously. I feel responsible to the wife for my previous encouragement to stay and work things out.

I am not sure what if anything I can do.


— Friend

Friend: You can learn from hard experience.


You got too involved last time. You obviously meant well and care deeply for this couple — but you also took a firm position on what the wife needed based on your own experience, instead of listening to her and letting her needs and circumstances determine the best course of action for her. You had your thumb on the scale.

You recognize that now — which is good, and important.

So apply it. You have not been forced…
Carolyn Hax
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