CDC: Salmonella outbreak from unidentified food source sickens people in 25 states including Illinois
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At least 127 people have been infected — and 18 hospitalized — amid an outbreak of salmonella across dozens of states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The CDC says 127 infections have been linked to the outbreak, but the agency estimates that the actual number of sick people is "likely much higher." (Getty Images)


Infections linked to the outbreak had been detected in 25 states as of Sept. 15, with Texas alone reporting 45 of the cases.

Salmonella Oranienburg, the strain observed in this outbreak, began sickening people on Aug. 3, according to the CDC. By Sept. 2, a total of 20 infections had been linked to the outbreak, which grew "rapidly" in the following weeks, sickening at least 127.

Of the 48 whose medical information was made available, 18 had been hospitalized.

The CDC estimates that the actual number of sick people is "likely much higher," as many infected individuals often recover without seeking treatment or getting tested. It can also take up to…
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