CES consumer electronics show, gone virtual, showcases buzzy trends in tech, electronics, cars, appliances

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Trends to watch: COVID-related robots and gadgets, products that make working from home easier, AI in everything and TVs that can bend or become transparent.
CES, the annual gadget show that showcases the buzziest and brightest tech, looks different this year — less Las Vegas glitz, more Internet efficiency.

With no physical conference in Las Vegas due to the pandemic, 1,800 companies instead have taken to streaming video to show off new products and technology to 150,000 attendees across the globe.

Trends to watch reflect the tumultuous year that preceded it. These include COVID-related robots and gadgets, products that make it easier to work from home, more uses for 5G technology, AI infused in everything and TVs that can bend or even become transparent.


Technology to battle the coronavirus will be big on the virtual show floor this year. Several companies are showcasing disinfecting robots. LG is introducing an autonomous UV-C light robot designed to irradiate viruses on heavily touched surfaces. (Largely unmentioned: COVID is largely transmitted by airborne vapor droplets, not viral smears on surfaces.)To that end, LG is promoting a wearable air purifier and a portable air purifier that you can use to purify air in a car or office. Both have fans and HEPA filters.

A smaller company called AirPop debuted the Active+ Smart Mask, which monitors your breathing and the quality of the air around you.

Several companies are offering touchless appliances and fixtures. Kohler and Toto are showcasing sinks and toilets that automatically turn on and off or open and flush by waving your…
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