Chainlink Expected to Spend $25M More on Development Than Ethereum
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According to the latest report from Flipside Crypto, Chainlink is expected to spend $20 million more than Ethereum on ecosystem development this year
According to the latest report from Flipside Crypto, Chainlink is spending one million LINKs a month rewarding node operators, outspending Ethereum by a wide margin.

Chainlink's aggressive expansion

The researchers observed that 500,000 Chainlink (LINK) are sent to node operators twice a month.

Flows of LINK tokens within the crypto ecosystem. Source: Flipside Crypto.

At current prices, this support constitutes almost $5 million dollars a month or close to $60 million annually. At the same time, the Ethereum Foundation is expected to spend $30 million this year. Meanwhile, Ether's (ETH) market capitalization is roughly 15 times that of Chainlink.

This aggressive spending has allowed the company to achieve key milestones such as an integration with China's Blockchain Service Network and Tezos (XTZ) and the introduction of verifiable on-chain randomness. This has also allowed LINK to trade close to its all-time high. Recently, a co-founder of Framework Venture, Michael Anderson, said that he expects the price of LINK to exceed $25 in the foreseeable future.

$16 billion node incentivization…
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