Chargers have to make points to stop Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes
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The Chargers have had difficulty scoring points, but they will need a boatload if they are hoping to overcome Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs' high-flying offense.
The challenge for the Chargers on Sunday is a daunting one, stopping a quarterback who is so good that he puts pressure on the opposing defense and offense.

Patrick Mahomes' shadow hangs over this game as surely as the Kansas City sky blankets Arrowhead Stadium.

"I'm looking forward to going out there and trying to put up as many points as we can," Chargers running back Austin Ekeler said. "They have the half-a-billion-dollar man over there who's going to be doing his thing."

Beating Mahomes and the Chiefs is possible only if the opposition can first keep pace with Mahomes and the Chiefs. Even then, the 2018 NFL MVP still has a way of ruining the other team's plans.


In Week 1, Cleveland's 12-point halftime lead didn't prevent Kansas City from coming back to win in the fourth quarter.

When the Chargers faced Mahomes in Week 2 last season, they led after three quarters only to lose in overtime.

"Guess what, offense," Ekeler said, "we've got to score, as well. And not score to keep up but to actually get ahead and stay ahead."

In July 2020, Mahomes signed a 10-year contract worth up to a reported $503 million. Even though no athlete in this country has received a bigger deal, few have tried to argue Mahomes isn't worth it.

He and the Chiefs remain the standard, not only in the AFC West but also in the AFC everything else. Kansas City has reached the last two Super Bowls and three straight conference title games.

The Chiefs have won the division five years running and, despite losing last week at Baltimore, are still the favorites to own the AFC West again. Where the Chargers stand relative to the best is about…
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