Chargers' offense keeps going fourth, and producing
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Chargers coach Brandon Staley told the team before the season that fourth down won't always mean a punt is coming, and the offense has come through with first downs on all seven attempts.
The idea was planted back in the spring when the Chargers were running around in shorts and T-shirts.

New coach Brandon Staley warned his offense not to assume a punt was coming just because it was fourth down.

"Hey, man, don't start jogging off the field yet," center Corey Linsley remembers Staley saying. "We could go for a fourth [down] if we feel comfortable, doesn't matter [where or when]."

The rookie coach has followed through on those words. Through five games, the Chargers' offense is seven for seven on fourth down. The team's only failed fourth-down attempt came on a fake punt.


The Chargers also had two fourth downs converted by pass interference calls on the opposition and lost another successful try when wide receiver Jalen Guyton was penalized for an illegal shift.

"For us, it's that attack mentality, being in those situations where you have to have it and getting it done," Linsley said Wednesday. "It's a huge confidence builder. It takes guts to do it."

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For the Chargers, fourth-down conversions have led to a late go-ahead touchdown against Kansas City, a late clinching touchdown against Las Vegas and a late tying touchdown against Cleveland.

"If I'm on defense, I don't want to see us go for it," offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi said. "I'd rather…
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