Chase Rice Tour Going Forward with Added COVID-19 Precautions
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Chase Rice's tour isn't stopping despite criticism, but more safety is being encouraged.

Chase Rice isn't letting criticism of his packed Tennessee concert slow down his mid-pandemic tour, but there are gonna be changes ... for the artist and his venues.

The country music star took a lot of flak -- even from fellow country musicians -- after his Saturday night gig demonstrated no regard for coronavirus safety, but he says that's being addressed for future shows.

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Chase insists he wants everyone to have fun but be safe, and the good news is his upcoming shows should be safer by design ... because they're mostly drive-in concerts.

A spokesperson for Paramount Arts Center in Pennsylvania tells TMZ … Chase's July 3 show is scheduled as planned despite the recent backlash because the event will be distinctly different than Chase's last concert.

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We're told the outdoor venue will closely model other drive-in concerts that have successfully gone down across the country, where attendees are given clearly defined parking -- and tailgating spaces near their vehicles -- and instructed to stay with their group.

The venue says…
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