Choking on diesel costs, Somali firm turns to solar for cheaper power
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A new solar power plant in Mogadishu should quadruple the city's generation capacity and cut bills, the owners said, providing relief to businesses facing crippling costs from diesel-generated electricity.
MOGADISHU (Reuters) -

Electrical power lines from the Benadir Electricity Company (BECO) solar project in the outskirts Mogadishu, Somalia May 21, 2020. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

BECO, Somalia's largest electricity supplier, said it had been producing 8 megawatts (MW) since March using solar panels bought from Germany and Britain, and this was expected to increase to 100 MW by 2022, at a cost of $40 million.

"It is a risky business," chief engineer Mohamud Farah told Reuters, noting that a profit from safer bets such as investing in milk powder was almost guaranteed.

"But we are happy to be the first company to install solar energy to supply cheaper electricity."

BECO which also transmits and distributes power to Kismayu, Barawe, Marka, Balad, Jowhar, Afgooye,…
Abdi Sheikh
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