Chris Brown & Ammika Harris: Why They Unfollowed Each Other On IG
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Chris Brown & Ammika Harris have unfollowed one another again after they left each other a string of sexy messages for the world to see but this type of jarring social media behavior won't last long.
Chris Brown & Ammika Harris have kept millions of people on their toes when it comes to what their relationship is like today. Things took a twist after they unfollowed one another on IG earlier this month (he's now only following his daughter Royalty, 6). What makes this even more confusing was that he has a history of leaving her sexy messages in the comments section of her pics that have happened as recently as mid July. So what's really going on between these two?

"Chris and Ammika unfollowed each other on social media but it won't last long," a source revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. "Their relationship is complicated but who could blame them? They have their ups and downs just like everybody…
Ryan Shea
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