Comment: What's next for Beats 1 and live programming on Apple Music?
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What's next for Beats 1 and other live programming on Apple Music? Is there room for a Beats 2 station and beyond as Apple expands?
Beats 1 has had an interesting place in my music listening routine. I still remember the first day that it launched worldwide. My entire social feed was dominated by people talking about what was playing. In the past five years, I go weeks without seeing a mention of it. Occasionally, I'll see a tweet about a famous artist joining a show, but those are few and far between. I had almost forgotten that Beats 1 even existed, and I've not listened to a show all year long. I believe in the format, but also I think it's time to expand its scope. What's next for Beats 1?

Beats 1 in Nashville

Nashville is one of the best music cities in the country, and in my experience, it's not well represented on Beats 1. I would like to see a Nashville-focused show highlighting the latest in country music. Countless musicians would be well suited to host shows…
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