Conversation with former Director-General of the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan Senator Rehman Malik
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Recently I had an opportunity to have a conversation with former Director-General of the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan, Senator Rehman Malik whose recently published books are getting inter
national attention. Former President of Pakistan, Mr. Wasim Sajjad, said that as an investigative writer Senator Malik has gone deeply inside the story and brought out facts that for general readers would not be easy to comprehend with naked eye and common mindset. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, expressed, Senator Malik possesses an edge on analytical visualization of the cases, while establishing his opinion that carries significance over the general perceptions.

Awarded with Sitara-e-Shujaat (Order of Bravery) and Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Order of Excellence), Senator Malik has become Pakistan's strong voice and his service to the Pakistani people have proven that he is a true icon of the modern world with a vision and focus on regional and global issues. Senator Malik, the longest-serving Federal Interior Minister in Pakistani history, has played a central role in several counter-terrorism operations and mediated a range of regional conflicts. Over the years, through his articles, books, and reports, he shared his knowledge and experience in conflict resolution and improving Pakistani-Saudi relations.

A.W. Saudi Arabia has remained Pakistan's strongest supporter since 1965 despite turbulent times. Nowadays, what are the foremost challenges of bilateral relations that should be resolved?

Senator R.M. Historically, the relationships between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia remain akin to those between the younger and elder generation. During the hardships of 1965, Pakistan enjoyed Saudi Arabia's support and assistance. Namely, the inestimable aid in terms of supply and air transportation was guaranteed by King Faisal. The support received from Saudi Arabia can be compared to a friendly, strong, and helpful hand stretched out to Pakistan. Pakistan has vastly valued this generous care and kind attitude and will always continue to do so. The tight bond between the two countries, which is naturally based on being two Muslim states, is also…
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