Cook County commissioners delay vote on replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day
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Columbus Day will remain a holiday in Cook County for now after a vote to replace it with Indigenous Peoples' Day was delayed. The resolution faced pushback from local Italian American organizations. It was the second time a vote on the issue was postponed this year.
The Cook County Board of Commissioners voted to defer a resolution that would change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day, the second time a vote on the issue was delayed this year.

The resolution was viewed as a step toward reconciliation and healing for Native American communities, but it faced pushback on Tuesday from members of the county's Italian American community, as well as Black descendants of those enslaved by the Native American tribes.

If passed, it would remove Columbus Day from the calendar and declare the second Monday in October "exclusively be recognized as Indigenous Peoples' Day" in Cook County. Native Americans in the county make up the ninth largest Urban Native community in the U.S., the resolution said.

The resolution was initially debated in late May, but a vote was delayed after pushback from Cook County Commissioner Stanley Moore, whose grandfather was a Choctaw Freedman.

In May, Moore said that despite his grandfather's ties to the tribe, he…
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