Coronavirus: Florida reports 738 new cases Monday, fewest in months
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Florida's coronavirus dashboard shows 738 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday along with five more residents' deaths, the lowest daily increases the state has seen in months.
Florida is up to 701,302 confirmed cases, 14,037 resident deaths and 170 non-resident deaths from COVID-19. At least 43,606 hospitalizations have been attributed to the novel coronavirus since the start of the outbreak, according to the health department's dashboard.

Florida's statewide positivity rate from yesterday's testing was 4.23%. Monday was the first time since early June the state announced fewer than 1,000 cases in a day.

One of the newly confirmed deaths was in Broward County and another in Palm Beach County.

On Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis citing positive trends and lifted restrictions on restaurants and other businesses, which led many South Floridians to flock to local bars that had been closed for months.

A look at Florida's COVID-19 positivity rates over recent days. (Florida Department of Health)

County by county


Cases: 169,466 (+37)

Deaths: 3,228 (-3)

Yesterday's positivity: 2.70%


Cases: 76,874 (+20)

Deaths: 1,380 (+1)

Yesterday's positivity: 1.74%


Cases: 1,837 (+1)

Deaths: 22 (unchanged)

Yesterday's positivity: 3.33%


Cases: 46,310 (+27)

Deaths: 1,343 (+1)

Yesterday's positivity: 2.06%

For more detailed data on every county from the latest Florida Department of Health report, click here.

Latest totals

The United States has passed 7.1 million confirmed cases, with over 204,000 deaths from COVID-19, the highest numbers in the world. Over 2.7 million Americans have been deemed recovered, according to data compiled from various sources by Johns Hopkins University.

Worldwide, the number of COVID-19 cases reported has surpassed 33.1 million. There have been more than 998,000 deaths worldwide attributed to the pandemic, with over 22.9 million being declared recovered.

Florida's daily new cases have trended as follows:

Monday: 738

Sept. 27: 1,882

Sept. 26: 2,795

Sept. 25: 2,847

Sept. 24: 2,541

Sept. 23: 2,590

Sept. 22:…
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