Corsair Explains Why DDR5 Memory Modules Will Require Better Cooling Than DDR4
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The DDR5 era is right around the corner, and with it could come hotter memory modules than what is typically seen with DDR4 RAM.
Intel's upcoming Alder Lake launch will usher in the start of the DDR5 era in the consumer space , and then sometime next year, AMD will hop on board with its Zen 4 lineup. This is going to result in higher bandwidth memory products, with transfers (or 'speed' if you prefer to call it that) starting at 6,400MT/s. The added bandwidth could come at a cost, and not just a monetary one, but also paid for in heat.

It is hard to know exactly what to expect just yet, because even though some early DDR5 memory kits landed on Amazon a few weeks ago, they have not arrived in earnest. What we do know, however, are the finalized official specifications laid out by JEDEC, and how DDR5 will differ from DDR4 in its internal makeup.

One of the key changes is the introduction of local voltage regulation. This involves an on-die power management integrated circuit…
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