COVID Costumes Aren't Funny, and Other Dress-Up Faux Pas to Avoid This Halloween
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Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your costume doesn't miss the mark. Or just go as a ghost.
It's long past time to face that dreaded seasonal question: What am I going to be for Halloween? The guide below is designed to help you avoid some of the most common Halloween costume pitfalls and provide tips for truly impressing the guests at your upcoming Halloween Social/ Apple Bob-a-Thon.


Avoid "offensive" "funny" costumes

You have the right to wear whatever costume you want for Halloween (provided you're complying with local indecent exposure laws) but I'm sure you're also a nice person, and eager not to come across as an asshole. So I'm sure you want to be sensitive to other people's feelings, and that means being aware of the implications of what you wear.

The easiest way to avoid cultural appropriation and/or any kind of -ism, is to not dress as anyone outside of your own ethnic or cultural group. If you absolutely must dress up as a member of a group to which you don't belong, make sure your costume is specific to a character, as opposed to a collection of stereotypes. A white dude dressing as El Santo because he's a big fan of the legendary wrestler is way different than dressing as "Tequila Shooter Guy."

If your costume is "funny" because it makes fun of something about a group of people to which you don't belong, imagine trying to justify it to a member of that group. Like, would you want to explain why this "lost puppy" costume is funny to an overweight, elderly person who just lost their dog?

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I'm sure you know not to do blackface, brown face, yellow face, or red face under any circumstances. Green face, though, is totally OK.

If you're reading this and thinking, "well those people shouldn't be so sensitive," and you have a half smirk on your face, fine. Wear whatever you want; I'm not the police. But don't be…
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