Cute Dumpster Fire Toy Meets Iconic 'This Is Fine' Comic
3 min read
The world is a mess. This perfect new toy from 100% Soft and KC Green captures it with a combo of a dumpster fire and the "This is Fine" comic strip.
Sometimes, it feels like the world is both a dumpster fire and a living embodiment of the "This is Fine" comic strip. As Olivia Rodrigo so eloquently puts it, "it's brutal out here." So on days when you just cannot anymore, it's reassuring to know you're not the only one feeling that way. And that's when you need this brand new vinyl figure from 100% Soft and KC Green. Nerdist is so happy to exclusively debut the "This is Fine" edition of the Dumpster Fire toy. Please enjoy it in all its glory.

100 Soft/KC Green

Artist 100% Soft, a.k.a. Truck Torrence, debuted the Dumpster Fire toy in…
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