Cyber Monday PS5 headset deals 2021: what to expect in November
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We're showing you everything we expect to see from Cyber Monday PS5 headset deals in 2021.
We're expecting some excellent Cyber Monday PS5 headset deals this year, what with many of the original launch devices aging away on the shelves over the last few months. By the time November rolls around, some of the best PS5 headsets will be a year old, and with newer devices storming the shelves in competition, we're likely to see some interesting price cuts.

Of course, Black Friday PS5 headset deals tend to take centre stage in November. However, if you miss out on your headset of choice on the Friday, there are still plenty of discounts running all through the cyber week. Many retailers simply extend their sales to cover Cyber Monday, though we do sometimes see even bigger discounts on unpopular colorways or older models over the weekend and into Monday as well.

If you spot a price you like on the Friday, it's well worth going for it - stock moves incredibly quickly during the biggest sales weekend of the year. However, it's worth sticking around for later sales just in case a better price pops up further down the line (you can always return for a bigger discount later on).

We'll be rounding up all the best Cyber Monday PS5 headset deals right here, but until then you'll find all our predictions and expectations for this year's sale just below.

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