Cybercriminals using coronavirus as a cover for their crimes
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As with what other countries are already experiencing, the cybercriminals may pretend to be providing coronavirus screening and testing, providing coronavirus vaccines being imported from other countries, providing medical advice on coronavirus.
Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. South Africa's President, Cyril Ramaphosa, declared a state of national disaster after 61 confirmed cases of coronavirus patients in the country.

A day after this declaration, we witnessed a lot of people panic buying grocery items in fear of the future.

As we speak, a lot of local supermarkets are running low on stock such as food items, toilet paper, and hand sanitizers. One cannot stop wondering about the vulnerabilities presented by the current crisis. We have already heard of reports in the Western Cape province where criminals impersonated personnel from the Department of Health and approached people's homes claiming that they were conducting coronavirus screening. This turned out to be criminals who were trying to rob people.

In Canada, there have been reports of unscrupulous persons who are sending out unsolicited communication as medical advisory to unsuspecting people. With the food shortages and the lack of vaccines for coronavirus, it is inevitable that cybercriminals are going to exploit the situation and use all forms of phishing tricks to scam people.

Phishing is a social engineering scam devised by criminals with the intention of luring people into sharing personal information with a cybercriminal. What…
Melody Musoni
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