'DAMN, Carrot Top has REALLY let himself go': Kathy Griffin shares video of herself that will definitely NOT bring all the boys to the yard

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very easy
Maybe Kathy should just stick with that whole severed head thing.
Hey, if we have to see it, so do you guys.

When you see Andy Dick trending and you wonder what he did this time and find THIS VIDEO of Kathy Griffin …

What in the Hell did we just watch?

Suppose it could have been Andy Dick because he/she/it never turns around.

Or maybe Carrot Top.

Oh wait, it's from Griffin's account.

Never mind.

It's her.

Your milkshake doesnt being anyone to the yard — Awakened (@BrandonHathaw12) October 20, 2021


Wow. Even naked on a balcony you can't get an audience. — BeeLady🐝 (@miamivandynyu)…
Sam Janney
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