Darrell Brooks allegedly 'tried to kill' ex-girlfriend weeks before Waukesha parade

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In a Nov. 2 incident, Darrell Brooks was charged with reckless endangering safety, disorderly conduct, bail jumping, battery and disorderly conduct, a police report reveals.
Darrell Brooks allegedly tried to kill his ex-girlfriend when he ran over her in a gas station parking lot just weeks before the deadly Wisconsin Christmas parade rampage — and he later told cops he was supposed to be on mental health medication, police reports reveal.

The new details from the Nov. 2 incident in Milwaukee are laid bare in police reports obtained after Brooks, 39, was charged in Sunday's Waukesha attack that killed six and injured dozens, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Brooks was charged in the alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child — but had been cut loose on a $1,000 bond just days prior to the Christmas parade crash.

Police said they believe Brooks, a convicted sex offender, had been involved in a domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend, 31, just moments before he allegedly plowed into the paraders Sunday.

In an interview with police at the time of the Nov. 2 incident, the woman said Brooks had come to the American Inn motel where she was staying that morning before screaming at her and grabbing her phone.

Police believe Darrell Brooks was involved in a domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend just moments before he drove his SUV through a Christmas parade. See bottom of caption / MEGA

A clerk at the motel had no recollection of the incident when asked by The Post on Tuesday.

The woman told cops she set off walking toward the gas station and Brooks followed her in his red SUV — the same vehicle police said was used in the Waukesha incident.

Brooks allegedly punched her in the face after she…
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