Daryl Brooks, Giuliani's 'Vote Fraud' Witness at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Is a Convicted Sex Offender

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Perennial NJ candidate Daryl Brooks, who claimed he served as a Pennsylvania poll watcher, was convicted after he allegedly exposed himself in front of two young girls in Trenton.
During the now-infamous Saturday Trump campaign press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Northeast Philadelphia, Rudy Giuliani called upon three witnesses who he said could prove voting fraud in the presidential election.

The first witness was a convicted sex offender who has been a consistently unsuccessful candidate in New Jersey for several years, as first reported by Politico.

"It's such a shame. This is a democracy," Daryl Brooks, who said he served as a GOP poll watcher, said at the press conference outside the landscaping business after shaking Giuliani's hand. "They did not allow us to see anything. Was it corrupt or not? But give us an opportunity as poll watchers to view all the documents—all of the ballots."

Brooks served three years and eight months in prison in 1998 after he was convicted on several charges of lewdness, sexual assault, and endangering the welfare of a minor for allegedly exposing himself in front of two girls who were ages 7 and 11. According to NJ.com, Brooks maintained his innocence, claiming he was set up by Trenton police and other elected officials because of his work as a city activist.

The arrest came three years after police said Brooks was reported for public masturbation after he was seen naked from the waist down on a city street near a mini-police station while holding a bottle of brandy, according to The Philadelphia Tribune.

Brooks, 52, has unsuccessfully run for political office several times, previously describing himself as a libertarian and a Tea Party activist. Brooks attempted to run for Congress twice and the U.S. Senate—a campaign in which his slogan was the "Poor People's Campaign."

During his 2004 run for Congress in New Jersey's 12th District, Brooks took one-half of 1 percent of the votes in his race against three-term Democratic Rep. Rush Holt and Republican…
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