Date Lab: 'What an honor to be a part of this date with her'
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These two indulged in a bit of fantasizing about their potential future together.
Neither Alyse nor her date, 32-year-old Lissa Piercy, a director of corporate projects and an instructor at a local gym, had been on any covid-necessitated virtual dates. Call it beginner's luck or Date Lab magic: The Zoom date was "a great one," according to Alyse, and it went on for about four hours. Over the course of that time, Alyse gave Lissa a virtual tour of her apartment, Lissa's friend who was staying with her made a cameo, and a legitimate connection seemed to form quite naturally. It certainly didn't hurt that there was immediate mutual physical attraction.

"Popping on Zoom, I was so taken. She's very beautiful. What an honor to be a part of this date with her," recalled Alyse. Lissa reported: "My immediate reaction was that she was super cute and I loved her glasses." Lissa said that Alyse broke the ice by acknowledging the strangeness of sharing a meal (an order from the Dabney for Alyse, sushi for Lissa) and conversation on screen that would then be shared widely with Washington Post readers. With that out of the way, they settled into a wide-ranging discussion that touched on diversity in the media, something that Lissa is especially passionate about (previously, she managed activist poets).


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"Just to be able to have that conversation felt really comfortable," said Lissa of their exchange about representation on television. "That was a thread throughout the whole date: We kind of both spoke that…
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