David Lynch Short Hits Netflix, Features the Director Interrogating a Monkey

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Today, a new David Lynch Netflix short film arrived in the streaming library that features the filmmaker interrogating a monkey about a murder.
It's been some time since director David Lynch brought Twin Peaks: The Return to Showtime. The filmmaker has kept relatively quiet since then, but today is his birthday, and he actually has a present to give us in the form of a short film on Netflix.

Overnight, Netflix released What Did Jack Do?, a 17-minute black and white short film where David Lynch plays a detective interrogating a monkey who is being questioned about possibly committing a murder. Before you ask: no, this isn't just David Lynch asking questions to a monkey that sits in silence and looks adorable in response to the questions. The monkey talks, and as you've already guessed, it's pretty freakin' weird.

For some reason, the interrogation takes place inside a diner at a…
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