DDR5 predicted to hold more market share than DDR4 by 2023

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According to market research/analyst/consulting firm Yolle Developpement (via Tom's Hardware), the server and enterprise markets will be behind a 25% increase in DDR5 adoption in 2022. A...
Forward-looking: We've heard quite a bit about DDR5 recently, but when can we expect to see it replace DDR4 as the standard? Sooner than you might think: according to one industry analyst, adoption of DDR5 in the mainstream market should take place by 2023.

year later, it will become the dominant memory in mainstream PCs, laptops, phones, etc., taking more than a 50% market share—i.e., shipping more than DDR4.

Throughout 2024 – 2026, DDR5 is expected to gain the sort of share DDR4 currently enjoys, grabbing around 95% of the market. Yolle Developpement believes the colossal demand for memory won't slow down, and…
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