Deborah Gonzalez makes history as Georgia's first Hispanic district attorney
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Deborah Gonzalez became Georgia's first Latino district attorney when she won the runoff for a race she could only compete in after suing the governor.
Deborah Gonzalez has made history several times over by winning the runoff in her race for district attorney in Georgia.

Gonzalez told NBC News her win Tuesday for Western Judicial Circuit district attorney makes her the first Latina to be elected a district attorney in the state, the first woman to serve as a district attorney in the circuit and the first Puerto Rican woman in the country to be elected a district attorney.

"I won," she said in a telephone call with NBC News.

Gonzalez was able to compete for district attorney after the state's Supreme Court ruled unanimously in her favor in her lawsuit against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. The Republican governor used a 2018 state law to delay the district attorney's election until November 2022, prompting the court fight.

Gonzalez, a Democrat who ran as a progressive candidate, is a former state representative for Georgia House…
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