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Did Gas Prices Rise to $6.99 in Lancaster, California?

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One small clue in this viral picture showed the reality behind it.
The picture that showed gas prices at a Circle K in Lancaster, California, was real. However, the gas station was surrounded by a construction fence and was not yet open to the public, and the fence was cropped out in some social posts. Further, there is no evidence that the displayed prices were anything more than placeholder numbers — two other nearby Circle K locations had much lower average gas and diesel prices.

On Nov. 7, 2021, a Facebook user posted a picture of a Circle K gas station in Lancaster, California, with a purported $6.99 per gallon price tag for unleaded fuel. According to the sign, plus gasoline was $7.90, premium fuel was $8.90, and diesel was $9.90. It was captioned: "Location: East Lancaster, Antelope Valley, California."

However, not only did we find a clue that debunked the many posts and tweets that shared the photograph, but also, the prices displayed were nowhere near the California average per gallon.


The photograph was shared on Facebook more than 34,000 times in 10 days. One comment that received more than 300 likes wrote: "Bring back Trump and the Pipeline NOW."

The picture was also re-shared by Wanda Freeman Barzizza, the wife of a formal mayoral candidate for the city of Germantown, Tennessee. She has close to 10,000 followers. It was captioned with "LETS GO BRANDON," a chant that's intended as a joke at the expense of U.S. President Joe Biden.


On Nov. 12, a cropped…
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