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Did Jason Derulo Fall Down The Stairs? The Origins Of the Hilarious Met Gala Meme
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A picture purportedly showing Jason Derulo falling down the stairs frequently goes viral on Twitter. We reveal the true story behind the meme.
There are few things that are certain in life apart from death, taxes and the Jason Derulo falling down the stairs meme resurfacing for every major red carpet event.

As this year's Met Gala seems set to be no different, we're pre-emptively debunking the perennial meme.

So, Did Jason Derulo Actually Fall Down The Stairs?

Unfortunately for meme lovers (but fortunately for Derulo), this now-iconic photograph of a man falling down a set of stairs is not the "Tip Toe" singer.

According to Know Your Meme, the first instance of this picture being misidentified as Derulo was in May 2015.

The first iteration of it is credited to a since-suspended account with the handle @dashausofjack, which tweeted the photo with the caption: "Jason Derulo just fell at #MetGala. LMAO."

The tweet spread like wildfire across the platform, with some manual retweets still viewable now.

At the time, some media outlets were quick to debunk the meme, including HuffPost.

Derulo himself, who has never attended the prestigious New York event, even posted the picture on his own Instagram with the caption: "Lmao I'm at rehearsal in LA. Fuq ya'll! Lol."

The Instagram post has since been deleted, but a link to the post with the same caption was shared to his Twitter account and is still live.

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