Did Loki just feature an Agent Carter cameo?

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The honest answer: it's hard to tell
A fan on Twitter has posited that Loki episode 1 briefly featured a cameo from Agent Peggy Carter, the character from the Captain America movies and her own spin-off TV show played by actress Hayley Atwell.

Honestly, it's probably not that character, but it's true that this figure superficially resembles Atwell's MCU hero – head to the 34 minute and 12 second mark on Disney Plus if you want to see it for yourself, ideally on the largest TV possible.

For everyone else, you can just watch it on Twitter below (thanks to our sister site GamesRadar for picking out this one):

#loki spoilers...PEGGY ? PEGGY CARTER ? pic.twitter.com/1gvugWOBQdJune 9, 2021 See more

As it's been pointed out, though, Atwell does not feature in the credits for this episode, so the possibility seems remote. Generally speaking, it would be great to know more about some of the other inmates at the TVA, and to learn about the types of crimes they've been committing. But we don't really get any of that in episode…
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