Did Mark McCloskey Donate to Democrats?

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After the couple pointed guns at protesters, rumors started to circulate about the McCloskeys' political affiliations.
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On June 28, 2020, one of the biggest topics of conversation on social media was a video that showed two people pointing weapons at a group of protesters in St. Louis. Many people viewed this video as if these individuals, later identified as lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey, had broken the law (or merely the rules of decency) by brandishing their weapons in a threatening manner, but others argued they were lawfully defending their private property.

Read more about the circumstances that led to the original video here.

As this controversy churned, rumors started to circulate about the couple's political affiliations.

Benny Johnson, for instance, the chief creative officer for the conservative nonprofit Turning Point USA, a group that has repeatedly spread misinformation, claimed on Twitter that Mark McCloskey had repeatedly donated to Democrats:

This screenshot shows a Mark McCloskey who donated to "ActBlue," a fundraising tool used by liberal nonprofits and Democratic politicians. However, an uncropped version of this image from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website shows that this McCloskey is from Michigan (MI) not Missouri…
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