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Did This Comic Strip Reference 'China Virus' in 1957?

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In that year, superhero The Phantom encouraged mask use to prevent a mysterious illness.
The character The Phantom encouraged the use of face masks to protect against "sleep death" in a mysterious valley in a 1957 comic strip, but this illness was never referred to as a "China virus."

In the fall of 2021, an image started to circulate on social media that supposedly showed a panel from a comic strip published in 1957, in which a hooded hero encouraged mask use to protect against the "China virus":

The words "China virus," a xenophobic and inaccurate reference to COVID-19, did not appear in the original comic. This text was digitally altered in 2021.

The above-displayed image shows an altered version of a panel from the comic strip "The Phantom" that was published in August 1957. In the original version, The Phantom is…
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