Disease that jumped from animals to humans discovered in a Neanderthal man

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The Neanderthal, thought to be in his late 50s or 60s when he died about 50,000 years ago, has been recently diagnosed with brucellosis, a disease that's still widespread today and is acquired through direct contact with infected animals.
(CNN) Scientists studying ancient disease have uncovered one of the earliest examples of spillover -- when a disease jumps from an animal to a human -- and it happened to a Neanderthal man who likely got sick butchering or cooking raw meat.

Researchers were reexamining the fossilized bones of a Neanderthal who was found in a cave near the French village of La Chapelle-aux-Saints in 1908. The "Old Man of La Chapelle," as he became known, was the first relatively…
Katie Hunt, CNN
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