Do Cats Sit on Laptops To Be Closer to You?
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It's no secret that cats love sitting on your laptop, but the reason remains a mystery.
Despite their aloof demeanor, pet cats may be more socially bonded to their humans than the furry felines are given credit for.

In October 2020, social media users on Twitter and TikTok shared images and videos of their cats sitting on a spare laptop in their attempt at "mirroring" their owner. The imagery created a buzz amongst cat lovers, who claimed that their kitties also sit on their laptops so that they can be closer to their owners.

"So, I read on the internet that cats get on your laptop because they're mirroring you, and so if you get them their own laptop they'll leave you alone — and look at this businessman!"

@bestcoastbaby He's got a lot of business to take care of now 😂 ♬ original sound – That bitch

Snopes spoke with Kristyn Vitale, an expert in animal behavior and cognition at the Oregon State University Human-Animal Interaction Lab, who said that research cannot definitively say why cats are sitting on their owner's laptop in an attempt to mimic their behavior. Even so, mirroring does seem to be within the cognitive abilities of cats, according to a study published in the journal Animal Cognition. So, while mirroring is a possibility, there is not enough evidence to…
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